watch our video guide on how poppy points work


This is our Poppy Point stamp card.
use it to earn a stamp with every transaction you make.


This is our stamp card after you've
made 5 separate transactions.


5 stamps gets you one poppy point!
redeem this on selected store items.



This is what you can earn as you build up your points

Each individual "Poppy Point" does not have a cash value. Each "Poppy Point" cannot be redeemed for anything other than the items specified on this website and other marketing materials. "Poppy Points" do not expire. All redeemable items are subject to change at owner's discretion with no warning to the public. Poppy & Rye and all associates have the right to refuse any "Poppy Point" that they deem fraudulent, fake, tampered with, or any other reasons not listed here.